Pang-ilang Presidente si Gloria Macapagal Arroyo?

I used to hang-out with my close friend Arnold (he used to be a production staff on a local tv network here in Davao). We may be seen in a cafe or in a restaurant. Sometimes we can be seen in any of the videoke bars in downtown area or in a comedy bar (jokehall) where he used to work as part-time.

We’ve been apart for how many weeks. He has to prepare himself for an interview and training in a call center network. We just update through texting or email. Last Thursday, I received a message from him saying that he has a bad experience in his training. He wanted to meet me in person to share his difficulties. At that night we meet in Yellow Haus Cafe in Mapa. He was so eager to share everything. He told that his trainor don’t like him. They had a confrontation which ends up to a misunderstanding.

After sharing everything we shifted our conversations. I shared about my class in our ENG5 (Business Correspondence). I said that during our examination, we were asked to correct the writing of this as part of the business letter: subject, information technology assessment.  According to our professor, the correct answer was: Subject: Information Technology Assessment. But I was doubt in the answer.

In my experienced working as a Junior Staff in a Pastoral Agency, we normally do it in this way: SUBJECT: INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY ASSESSMENT. I told him that I consulted our University Grammarian. Our grammarian told that my answer was correct and it always used in the way I answered in my examination. I was thinking if who says right? Our school grammarian or my Proffessor (completing its dissertation).

Afterwards, I don’t know what comes in his mind. He then asked me to translate in english this filipino sentence: Pang-ilang Presidente si Gloria Macapagal Arroyo? Grrrr!!!!Honestly, I’m not good in grammar. Absent ko ato pagtudlo!.hehehe. After a few minutes of thinking I couldn’t translate it. He then revealed the answer.

How about you? Can you translate it in english?

                             Pang-ilang Presidente si Gloria Macapagal Arroyo?

Could you also help me as to what is  the correct writing of this as part of the business letter?

                            subject, information technology assessment

It’s almost midnight. We had a long conversation. We decided to go home since I still have a class the following day. When I arrived home, I wrote it in my notebook and will search it in the library or internet.

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15 responses to “Pang-ilang Presidente si Gloria Macapagal Arroyo?”

  1. AsonCalle says :

    If the question is: How to translate “pang-ilang presidente ng pilipinas si gloria macapagal arroyo” in english?

    Sagot: wala

    because ‘Pang-ilan’ in Tagalog does not have a direct translation in English, kung gusto mo lang magtanong; -let’s say sa foreigner, they could barely understand the question, and based on the answers prior to this question, tama.

    However, “What is Arroyo’s order in the list of presidents?” tama din na translation.

    Pero para sa direktang english ng same question:
    the answer is ‘wala.’


  2. Danica Enriquez says :

    “In what order does GMA come in being a president?”


  3. NorwinGonzales says :

    ahmm. patry po.. haha. chronologically, where does GMA appear in the list of Philippine Presidents?

  4. Jeffrey Baltasar says :

    There is a n English translation for pang ilan which is “what order”.

    Anyway mine would be:
    1. How does Gloria Macapagal Arroyo come among the Philippine Presidents?

    2. What is the ordinal position of Gloria Macapagal Arroro among the Philippine Presidents?

    Eh e2 how do you translate this in english? “Pang Ilang ka sa magkakapatid?

    Mine would be:
    1. Where are you in the order of birth among your siblings?

    2. How do you come among your siblings?

  5. kat Mc3 says :

    just try!! mine is.. “In what alpha-numeric chronological order does Gloria Macapagal Arroyo fall?”

  6. meeji says :

    source: Yahoo answers. link: []

    (written by ♥ShiSuZu♥)

    *Which number in the Philippine presidency succession is Gloria Arroyo?

    *From which number did Gloria Arroyo succeeded in the Philippine presidency?

    *In terms of Philippine presidency, which number is Gloria Arroyo?

    *What is Gloria Macapagal Arroyo’s chronological ranking as President of the Republic of the Philippines?

    *In what rank is Gloria in the philippine presidency?

    *What number is Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo in the rank of the Philippine presidency?

    *What number president is Gloria?

    P.S. it is very tricky :)

  7. richard says :

    How many president before gloria macapagal arroyo? that’s the answer.

  8. richard says :

    How many president before gloria macapagal arroyo, if she’s the 14th president?

  9. Junrex says :

    On what chronological order does Gloria macapagal Arroyo becomes our President??..try this answer…

  10. judex says :

    i agree with Junrex with his answer.

  11. judex says :

    i agree with Junrex with his answer. On what chronological order does Gloria Macapagal Arroyo becomes our President?

  12. respect says :

    What number is Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo in the numerical order of Philippine presidents?

  13. Edison says :

    how many president is gloria macapagal arroyo.. among the crododiles…

  14. Mage Somido says :

    in what chronological order does gloria macapagal-arroyo fall in as the president of the Philippines?

    hehehe latest from Tito Sotto, watched EAT BULAGA

  15. acm says :

    In what ordinal order does Gloria Arroyo fall in the presidency of the Republic of the Philippines?…acm

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