Reflection in my physical education subject

Doing physical activities for me happens rarely as I was been busy working. It would only be lucky if we had Saturday badminton session with my officemates and bosses. Doing some walk every time I send correspondence to an office. If none, I’m only settled in front of the computer the whole day.

In my younger years, I remember that I was very active on playing games of our old folks like tumbang preso, labu-labo, sipa & the like. To a great extent, during high school days I participated on almost all of the games & sports activities.

Upon entering college, it was tough. I have not involved in any physical activities. I am more focus on the academics and maintain my grades to sustain my scholarship.

I am thankful that there was this subject Physical Education just as similar in our high school subject.

PE 1 was not difficult. It is for self-testing activities. Doing some stretching, gymnasts, exercises, and dumbbells are enjoyable and relaxing. PE 2’s Rhythmic Activities is also very challenging, dancing to the tune of swing, tango, cha-cha, etc. I had a difficulty on this subject for I don’t dance gracefully. Hence, I did not perform well the dance. It concluded with a PE Night just like a prom in high school. PE 3’s Fundamentals Dance Steps w/ Music exquisitely catch my personality. Dancing folk dance and having nice group were very fondly stored in my mind. And, PE 4’s Fundamentals of Games and Sports are totally unforgettable. Playing different adventure games and of course bowling was indeed a very challenging and entertaining.

My Physical Education experience is remarkable. Thanks for my professors that I could still able to maintain and contribute my good physical, mental, social and emotional health. It also provide me with my fellow students equal opportunity to create, learn, enjoy and participate in skill development through a variety of physical activities that have lifelong value.

There is nothing that much in improving the Physical Education subject. Though there are some aspects to be developed. For example, for students, they should wear appropriate clothes for the class. None should wear school uniform to be fair with other students. (Lol. I sometimes wear school uniform on PE class). Students should follow rules and regulations governing activities, use of equipment and behavior. They should also demonstrate an effort to perform required skills and apply them in related activities; demonstrate sportsmanship and respect for others through team and individual play, to be a good role model for others. And lastly, like this case happens frequently, students must present proper written doctor or parental excuse if unable to participate in physical education class.

For the instructors, they must teach students cooperative ways of interacting with others. They have to allow students to progress at their appropriate level of ability.
Foster an enjoyment of physical activity and encourage students to maintain a routine of daily physical activity outside of school. Expose students to a wide range of activities to promote development specific areas of interest. And lastly, provide equipment/supplies to be used in a safe appropriate manner.

Life of a student is very challenging. Despite the load of assignments, quizzes, exams and projects to catch on targets there is still avenue to loosen up. Great thanks to the subject Physical Education.

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